Michel SALMON   graduated from the  ROYAL   SCHOOL OF CADETS  (1967, Brussels, Belgium) , and the  ROYAL   MILITARY  ACADEMY   (1971, Brussels, Belgium)   with a Master Degree in Aeronautical and Military Sciences, and holds a Military Pilot Licence. He served as a fighter pilot, instructor and transport pilot with the  BELGIAN AIR FORCE   and held a variety of positions such as a Flight Commander, Wing Operations and Training officer, Squadron Commander and Wing Commander Flying .

     He completed his academic training with the  UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA   in Aviation Safety Administration  (1981, Los Angeles, California),  and Aviation Accident Investigation under the US Air Force Safety Centre Program (1981, San Bernardino, California). He was then appointed as a Safety Advisor to the Commander Tactical Air Force, and later Chief of Flight Safety at the BELGIAN AIR STAFF, in charge of conducting the Belgian Defense Aviation Safety Policy and of the oversight on accident and incident investigations.

     He became the Commanding Officer Flying of the Advanced Pilot Training School  (Sint-Truiden AFB, Belgium) ,   and Director of the Air Force Division at the Belgian Royal Military Academy, before retiring from the military active duty in 1991, and joining the Belgian Air Force Reserve as a Colonel-Aviator.

     As from 1987, he participated into the creation of the French Institute for Aviation Safety ( IFSA), INSTITUT FRANÇAIS DE SÉCURITÉ AÉRIENNE  ( Paris, France ). He designed, developed and presented most of the Institute’s training programmes : Safety Management and AdministrationManagement of Accident and Incident Investigations, Human Factors in AviationOperational Risk ManagementSafety Interviewing of Aviation Agents and Witnesses.

    In 1991, as the IFSA became a department of  DÉFENSE CONSEIL INTERNATIONAL (DCI) , he joined the Institute full time as the Managing Director of Training untill 2011. He provided safety education to over 7000 aviation professionals. He also was certified by the French Civil Aviation Authority - DGAC ( Paris, France)  to supervise the Human Factors update training programme for Airline Transport Pilots, and conducted several safety audits, including for the French Civil Protection Aviation Services  (Levallois-Peret, France) ,   the Airborne Forest Fire Fighting units  (Marseille Marignane, France)  and the Air Rescue Helicopters Group (Nimes-Garons, France).

He presently operates freelance with the  INTERNATIONAL AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION (IATA)  as a registered senior instructor, with the Aerospace Engineering Department of the  KASETSART UNIVERSITY  (Bangkok, Thailand), and with the  UNIVERSITY LE HAVRE NORMANDIE  (Le Havre, France)  as a lecturer for a Master Degree in Operational Risk Management.

As a recognized safety professional, Michel SALMON is sharing his experience to the worldwide military and civil aviation community, to numerous air forces, airlines, aircraft and engines manufacturers, airport and airspace management organizations, aviation authorities and accident investigation bodies, to the  UNITED NATIONS MISSIONS : MONUSCO  (Kinshasa, DRC and Entebbe, Uganda) UNMIT   (Dili, Timor Leste), MANUA  (Kabul, Afghanistan) , and the UN GLOBAL SERVICE CENTER  (Brindisi, Italy) .

    Michel SALMON   is distinguished with the Cross of Commandeur of the Belgian Crown, the Cross of Commandeur in the order or King Leopold III, and is a Distinguished Fellow of Melvin Jones Award in the Lions Clubs International.



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